About Piedmont In Homecare

Piedmont In Homecare has a team of experienced and dedicated caregivers to provide the best quality care to our clients. Our team ensures safety, and we treat them with respect and dignity. With customer-specific and health-targeted services, we know that not every elderly patient has the same ailment or is going through similar health conditions such that they can fall under a general category and be treated like everyone else. We can approach customer care service of utmost importance in a way that suits the senior’s unique personality and lifestyle. Piedmont In Homecare ensures they enjoy similar hobbies and interests as the seniors, helping foster camaraderie.

With our home care technology, we do our responsibilities while providing above-and-beyond care. Our team has the skills to meet specific care requests and deliver the necessary care types. Piedmont In Homecare is going one step ahead with accountability checks. Our team understands the senior’s specific needs, personal risk factors, and preferences for care. We are available to provide care according to the family’s preferred schedule and the senior’s routine. Contact Piedmont In Homecare today for more information!

Digital Care Assistance: Piedmont In Homecare offers Constant Companion, a HIPAA-compliant smart voice assistant speaker. It acts as a voice-activated medical alert system that connects you to 24/7 support with urgent response agents.

Free In-Home Consultation: A care coordinator from Piedmont In Homecare can make a free in-home visit to assess your personal, memory, and emotional care needs.

Respite For Caregivers: Piedmont In Homecare provides short-term or temporary respite care services for family caregivers on the verge of burnout. Tasks include laundry assistance, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.

Specialized Home Care: Piedmont In Homecare offers a special Life Care Navigation program for seniors with unique health needs. Combining its traditional home care services, Piedmont In Homecare also focuses on creating a personalized plan for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia and older adults transitioning from the hospital to their homes.

Palliative Care Services: Piedmont In Homecare provides supportive in-home palliative care, fulfilling physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs to help you feel comfortable and less isolated.